Vision and Mission


To lead global technological education and embed the market-driven employable and entrepreneurial skills to empower community.


The mission of BBSUTSD Khairpur Mirs is to empower community with the hands-on technological knowledge through high quality teaching & research environment, innovative tools & techniques, and entrepreneurial & global leadership skills with the consciousness of ethical norms & values.


The main aim of the University is to produce high quality technology graduates equipped with practical hands-on experience needed to serve the community. The specific objectives of the University are:

  • To produce the skilled personnel to eradicate poverty and uplift the morale of the community
  • To provide technical knowledge to the graduates with the state of the art practical skills required for market commercialization
  • To equip graduates with technical entrepreneurial skills
  • To produce workforce with global market employability
  • To embed latest market-driven skills needed to uplift the society
  • To produce skilled workers conscious of ethical norms & cultural values

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The Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology & Skill Development, Khairpur Mirs​