Basic Sciences and Related Studies


Chairperson Message

Welcome to the Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies (BSRS) at Benazir Bhutto shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development (BBSUTSD)

As the chairperson, I am proud to lead a department that stands at the intersection of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Our vision is clear: to be a global center of excellence in scientific education and research. We achieve this by nurturing well-rounded graduate who not only possess technical expertise but also affective communication, critical and problem-solving abilities.

At BSRS, we emphasize both the art and science of learning. Our diverse faculty covers a spectrum of subjects related to natural and social sciences, arts and humanities and management science. We prepare out students for success in their professional endeavors, ensuring alignment with industry standards and accreditation bodies.

As we bridge theory and practice, we empower our community with hands-on knowledge. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, discovery and impact.


The Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies envisions becoming a center of excellence in scientific education and research. We strive to foster a dynamic learning environment that adapts swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century. Our goal is to produce globally competent professionals who contribute meaningfully to society through their expertise in basic sciences and related studies.


The mission of BSRS is to empower our students with hands-on knowledge is basic sciences and related fields. We achieve this through high-quality teaching, innovative research, and practical application. By emphasizing both technical skills and effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, we prepare graduates to meet industry standards and succeed in their professional endeavors. Our commitment aligns with the university’s mission of ethical leadership and community empowerment.

Program Educational Objectives

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