Chairperson Message

Welcome to the Department of Physics at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development (BBSUTSD) Khairpur Mirs. As the Chair of the Department , I am delighted to introduce this exciting journey of scientific exploration.

Our program stands on three pillars:

  1. Foundational Excellence: Over eight semesters, you will delve into fundamental physics principles. From Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics, our curriculum equips you with the tools to understand the universe’s inner workings.
  2. Behavioral Transformation: Beyond academics, we aim to ignite a positive change within you. Personal growth isn’t just about equations; it’s about contributing to society. As you learn, remember that your impact extends far beyond the classroom.
  3. Inspiring Faculty: Our dynamic faculty members are passionate about physics. They don’t just teach; they inspire. Their commitment to pioneering studies and boundary pushing inquiries sets the tone for your journey.

Whether you dream of teaching, industry, or further studies, our BS Physics program prepares you for success. Let curiosity guide you, and let’s explore the mysteries of the cosmos together.


To empower students with a deep understanding of the physical world, fostering critical thinking, innovation, and global citizenship. Our graduates will be equipped not only with scientific knowledge but also with the entrepreneurial mindset to address real-world challenges. Through cutting-edge research and community engagement, we aim to contribute to technological advancements and positively impact society.


Our mission is to equip students with a strong foundation in physics, foster critical thinking and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. Through high-quality teaching, research and ethical values, we prepare graduates to lead globally and contribute to technological advancements.

Program Educational Objectives

The main educational objectives of the BS Physics Program are:

  1. To impart students with a conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles of physics, natural laws and their interpretation, as well as mathematical formulation of the physical phenomena in nature.
  2. To develop critical skills necessary for solving unknown problems from our physical surroundings.
  3. To develop the capability of analyzing, addressing and posing solutions to problems of natural importance and to instill a deep appreciation of the need for optimum utilization of natural resources and environment.
  4. To instill in students the habit of independent thinking, deep inquiry, and motivation for self-education.
  5. To sharpen our students' mathematical prowess making them capable of modelling, analyzing and predicting the behavior of physical processes.
  6. To enhance our students’ skills in scientific communication and the ability to clearly present physics and science in simple and clear language.
  7. To introduce to students the spirit of working in interactive groups with the necessary requirements of scientific and professional ethics.
  8. To develop hands-on experience in different laboratory techniques, modern instrumentation.
  9. To enhance student competence in the design and conduct of experiments and analysis and presentation of experimental data and results.
  10. To provide an in-depth understanding of some specialized area of physics through the option of elective courses.
  11. To equip students with the necessary skill set for pursuing careers in physics education, research and industry in government or private organizations.

Program Learning Outcomes


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