The significance of education in technology has increased manifold for boosting of economy of a country after
the industrial and computer revolutions. Economic growth through increase in agriculture & Industrial production
and service sector is based on educated & skilled human resource. The skilled manpower for both production &
service industry includes an Engineer, an Engineering Technologist and a Technician. An Engineering
Technologist occupies an important and middle position in the pyramid of productive work force as a
maintenance & operation expert. Engineering & Technology Universities produce Engineers and Engineering
Technologist whereas the Colleges of Technology & Polytechnics produce Associate Engineers.
The Government of Sindh realizing the role & importance of Engineering Technologists and to provide higher
education opportunities to Diploma of Associate Engineers, established the first University of Technology
namely The Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development at Khairpur Mirs in 2016.
Curriculum devised and approved by National Technology Council Islamabad is being taught to the students.